Queries to clear before hiring a courier company

If you have plans of hiring a carousell courier company for your e-commerce delivery, you should clear the following queries by asking them.

For how many years you have been in this business?

As it is always beneficial to work with an experienced company, you can ask about the experience of the courier service provider. If they are greatly experienced, you may be free of mental stress during the process.

How would you protect the shipments?

You may have to send some valuable or easily breakable products via the courier company. As your customers would be expecting the products in better condition, you should ask for the protection measures implemented during transportation.

What are the possibilities of faster-than-usual deliveries?

Sometimes, your customers would need the products in a hurry. If it takes three days for usual delivery, some courier companies may make it within a single day. So, you should ask about the possibilities for such deliveries and the extra costs for such deliveries.

What is the fleet size of the company?

The courier service provider may have trucks, cars, and other modes of transports. You should know the size of this fleet to judge whether the company can deliver the products on time without any issues.