Encouraging Workplace Wellness Through Activities And Events

With so much time spent at work and all the responsibilities of home life, prioritizing wellness can take a back seat in our lives. When this happens, it often leads to a myriad of health issues, both physical and psychological. What might employers do to help protect their staff from such negative effects? One approach growing in popularity seemingly every day is implementing a workplace wellness program.

Whether it’s a singular day on the employee calendar or opportunities throughout the year, corporate wellness events can be very beneficial. Not only are they great for promoting physical and mental health, but such events could also help nurture a more positive and appealing company culture. When organizations have a strong culture, they generally see a reduction in absenteeism along with a boost in employee morale. Wellness events have even been shown to increase employee engagement, job satisfaction and productivity.

For further information on workplace wellness, as well as a few tips on planning an event of your own, please see the accompanying resource from Meritage Events.

Infographic created by Meritage Events, the gold standard in corporate event planning