Choices Involved In PPP Scoping

As the PPP program starts maturing, there will be a change in the PPP unit’s role. With the right expertise and skills, PPP units can be built by the government. Initially, a PPP unit will carry out various roles, but the role will move in supervision and regulation as time advances. So, here we have mentioned some choices involved in the creation of PPP. Moreover, it would be best to look at PPP scoping, which will give you more insights on the same.

What are the choices involved in PPP creation?

  • The unit’s location: PPP units can be allocated in line with a department or even a central agency. There is a possibility of more than one PPP unit coexisting, each having a different scope of responsibilities and roles.
  • Resourcing: now, the next question is how will it be able to lure the most appropriate talent and retain it to a public sector organization? Staffing PPP units might also have an impact on how they are governed and structured.

How can the right behaviors and incentives be promoted? Well, all these details will have an effect on the incentives and behavior of the procuring authorities.